30 second TIVO Ad Skipping

Posted by Drothism on Oct 20th, 2008

Looking for an even faster way to skip ads with your TIVO DVR? If you have a TIVO you probably already fast forward through most commercials, but find yourself talking or getting distracted by something and whizzing way past where you want to.
This quick hack requires nothing more than a few button presses on your [...]


Skip Ads Easily With a Standard Cable Remote Control

Posted by Drothism on Oct 15th, 2008

Many Motorola-made DVRs that cable-TV providers supply are unable to skip ads by jumping ahead 30 seconds. But you can remap the remote control to add this feature. I got it working with a Comcast remote, and it will likely work with your cable company’s remote, too.
Press the Cable button at the top of the [...]