Caramello Koala Song

Posted by Drothism on Jun 29th, 2007

Many moons ago in the mid nineties when the internet was young, and I had far less grey hair, I cobbled up my screaming 386 to record audio from TV. I gathered many and varied catch phrases, one-liners, ad jingles and other useless pieces of audio and proceeded to let them age gently in the bowels of an ancient 80M hard drive. Well after picking through these lumps of coal I did manage to dig up a couple of diamonds such as an ad jingle for an Aussie lolly (candy for you Americans) known as a Caramello Koala.

These addictive little buggers are Cadbury chocolate with a caramel goo in the middle. Americans have probably seen the Caramello candy bar in supermarkets. Well it tastes exactly the same but is in Koala form. Any way here is the quirky jingle from the mid 90’s but I do give one warning. You may never listen to Mellow Yellow in the same way again…

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  1. #1 Hitlersmeth

    Save the Goo Filled Marsupials (murder)

  2. #2 elaine smith

    You rock… wish you could find a clip of the commercial. More Aussie stuff, please… how bout the Secret Life of Us Song? How bout some Kath and Kim?

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