Jailed Paris Hilton sees Shrink

Posted by Drothism on Jun 6th, 2007

Paris Hilton Mug ShotAfter just 35 hours in the loving care of the California Department of Corrections, heiress Paris Hilton has had to have some one on one time with her shrink. Psychiatrist Charles Sophy rushed to the aid of the 26-year-old hotels heiress after Paris was crying about being unable to eat or sleep, and that her cell was cold. I am not exactly sure what Paris thought this whole jail thing was about. Seems as though this country club for the poor isn’t what was advertised in the brochure.

While you wait for Miss Hilton to be release from jail, and to once again grace our electronic and print media with her visage perhaps you would like to try out the Paris Hilton computer game. The goal of this spiffy little time waster is to design, and build license plates for the warden, however I am a little disappointed that game designers didn’t include some shiving or jail house lesbian adventures into the action.

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