Outlook Express Closes Immediately

Posted by Drothism on Sep 12th, 2008

If you are experiencing Outlook Express closing immediately when you start it, the problem may be related to McAfee Security Center anti-spam features. Despite numerous hours dealing with McAfee’s atrocious Indian support center they were unable to help. The only solution that I could devise was to disable the anti-spam feature in McAfee Security Center.

Here are the workaround steps to get Outlook Express to open…

  1. In the bottom right of your screen — in your taskbar — click the McAfee “M” to open Security Center.
  2. It should open to the Home Tab (grayed on the left). On the right it will have four options. Click on the arrow to the right of E-mail & IM.
  3. This will open a box on the right. Click on Configure in the bottom right of that little box.
  4. This brings up “E-mail & IM Configuration”. In the top portion “Spam protection is enabled” there is an Advanced button, click on it.
  5. Now, on the left there are 9 options. Choose the last “E-mail Toolbars”.
  6. This opens on the right “E-mail Toolbars”. Uncheck Microsoft Outlook Express/Windows Mail (or the other three options: Microsoft Outlook, Qualcomm Eudora or Mozilla Thunderbird, whichever applies). Then click “OK” at the bottom.
  7. Then click the “x” in the top right corner to close the McAfee Security Control Panel.

I would love to hear feedback on whether this solution worked to get Outlook Express started when you are running McAfee Security Center.

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