Doctor Death is Free

Posted by Drothism on Jun 1st, 2007

After serving 8 years in prison for assisting in the suicide of a patient, Jack Kevorkian is a free man. The former doctor has been an outspoken advocate for assisted suicide for many years and claims to have participated in over 100 “consultations”. Now that he is out and about he is expected to check in with his parol office each week and to live on $900 a month.

With that pittance of an income you know that old death machine is gonna be dusted off and dosing out lethal injections in no time. The good doctor is now closing in on 80 years of age and more than likely soon to be in some home for old folks. What better place to hang up the shingle and start a lucrative business in his later years. 

Part of Kevorkian’s parol conditions include he does not pass on information on how to build his death machine. This can definately become a positive marketing message if the doctor decides to franchise his operations. Much in the same way as KFC has those secret herbs and spices, and McDonald’s has their special sauce, the Kevorkian machine can be pitched as having those mystery death drugs. He can then expand his franchise into Oregon since it has a more lenient policy on death dealing.

As this photo from happier times shows, Dr. Kevorkian is truely a man who is in his happy place when his death machine is close at hand. Lets not take this old man’s hobby and livelyhood from him.

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  1. #1 Magpie

    I say more power to him. LONG LIVE THE KEVORKIANS!

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