G.I. Joe

Posted by Drothism on Jun 1st, 2007

Based on Joe Leiberman’s visit to Iraq this week and comments on how well its going it seems his neo-con indoctrination is complete. His positive assessment of the situation there seemed a little out of place when you see the photo of him buying a pair of sunglasses from an Iraqi vendor. If I had to dress in this much armor and have that phalanx of troops just to buy a pair of shades, I’d just squint. You know the Iraqi dude in this picture is just itching to sell those glasses to Joe, and just peachy keen to be in that market tomorrow when the suicide bombers show up.

Just to complete Mr Leiberman’s Iraq 2007 Fun in the Sun tour he visited some Iraqi and American soldiers and got their feedback. Unfortunately reality reared its ugly head. The soldiers came up with a list of trivial questions like when were they going to get half-decent armor for their Humvees, are they going to get body armor suited for the hot weather, and when are they going to get the hell out of there. The troops who met with Mr. Leiberman also expressed a feeling that they didn’t feel like they were making progress. Of course with this on the ground insight Joe’s response was that a withdrawal from Iraq would be a “victory for al Qaeda and a victory for Iran”.

 Good one Joe. Hope those sunglasses help you to see better.

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