Deep Zoom Composer

Posted by Drothism on May 11th, 2009

Deep Zoom Composer is free software from Microsoft that lets you place high resolution photographs and other large images in a web page without resizing them. Your viewers can then navigate through the images using standard zoom and pan controls similar to what we have in Google Maps. The only thing they would need is [...]


“overflow:hidden” not working on Firefox when the DIV contains Flash

Posted by Drothism on Sep 6th, 2008

I was adding a flash embed into a sidebar in WordPress and hit an issue when the flash object was wider than the DIV. I attempted to use overflow:hidden to limit the flash object to the sidebar and it worked fine in IE7. When I checked the change in Firefox the embedded flash object still [...]


Create Web 2.0 Striped Backgrounds

Posted by Drothism on Aug 25th, 2008