Anonymous on The Colbert Report

Posted by Drothism on Feb 27th, 2011

Very funny piece on Cobert’s show about hackers versus our corporate overlord.


Build Your Own iPad … With Lego!

Posted by Drothism on Jul 20th, 2010

Well since the Apple iPad is so hard to obtain at the moment with 2 week waiting lists at least, here is an alternative solution for the Lego inclined.

More photos of this excellent Lego iPad created by jmenomeno can be found on Flickr.


iPhone4 vs HTC EVO

Posted by Drothism on Jul 10th, 2010

I do love the almost religious zealotry that some people seem to have for their brand of phone. These two videos really show the stupidity that has evolved from this brand loyalty!


Deep Zoom Composer

Posted by Drothism on May 11th, 2009

Deep Zoom Composer is free software from Microsoft that lets you place high resolution photographs and other large images in a web page without resizing them. Your viewers can then navigate through the images using standard zoom and pan controls similar to what we have in Google Maps. The only thing they would need is Silverlight*.

This free app can be downloaded from the Deep Zoom Composer download page.

If you are looking for some non-Silverlight options for embedding large photos, check out Google Maps Viewer and Zoomify.


10 Business Lessons From ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Posted by Drothism on Mar 21st, 2009

In humanity’s darkest hour, Admiral Adama faced the ultimate leadership challenge. Here’s what every business leader can learn from his example.

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Get Oldest File in a Directory

Posted by Drothism on Mar 17th, 2009

Looking for a quick way to get the oldest file in a directory? Here is a quick and dirty method to do it with PowerShell…

dir f:\archive -recurse| ?{!($_.PSIsContainer)} | sort -property lastwritetime | select -first 1

The ?{!($_.PSIsContainer)} filter will leave sub-directories out of the search.


Run PowerShell Scripts from Task Scheduler

Posted by Drothism on Feb 26th, 2009

Those familiar with configuring batch command scripts in the Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista Task Scheduler may be a little perplexed in how to run PowerShell scripts from the scheduler. The main difference is in the Action form parameters…

Program/script: Set to the PowerShell.exe path. This is typically C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe.

Add arguments: -nolog -command “&{D:\Scripts\MyScript.ps1 Param1 Param2}”. Note that the PowerShell script path and the parameters must be within the curly brackets.

Start in: D:\Scripts. This should be added if you plan to use referenced rather than absolute paths within the script.

Ensure the PowerShell execution policy is set to RemoteSigned on the machine. To do this type “set-executionpolicy RemoteSigned” from the PowerShell command prompt.


Resetting an iPod

Posted by Drothism on Feb 25th, 2009

To reset an iPod Generation 4 device, toggle the hold button back and forth. If this does not work, hold down the menu button and the center of the circle for at least 6 seconds, until the apple logo appears.



Task Scheduler Syntax

Posted by Drothism on Jan 21st, 2009

Enables an administrator to create, delete, query, change, run, and end scheduled tasks on a local or remote computer. Running Schtasks.exe without arguments displays the status and next run time for each registered task.

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Life On Mars Soundtrack

Posted by Drothism on Jan 13th, 2009

Life On Mars is one of the few good programs on the network channels at the moment. It combines SciFi with an excellent 70’s cop theme, topped with great music from the period. Somehow they not only make it all work, but manage to pull off probably the best new SciFi show since the short lived, but very engrossing Journeyman series, to air on network TV. I recommend anyone who hasn’t watched Life On Mars yet, to catch up on with the free episodes on the ABC site.

Since the excellent 70’s soundtrack is unavailable on CD as of yet, I had to dig around to find a list of the songs from the series, and then download them from ITunes and Amazon. Hopefully this compilation makes creating your very own Life On Mars playlist a little easier.

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